Kayaking tours in Seward, AK.

Hiking or Kayaking

Hiking and kayaking options abound in and around Seward.

Seward is full of hiking trails and kayaking opportunities for those seeking adventure and exercise. Hiking in the area features trails for all ages and fitness levels, while kayaking can be done on guided tours or solo. And whether you're hiking or kayaking, you will be treated to breathtaking views with chances to see Alaska's amazing wildlife, including bears and moose on land, and whales and sea lions while on the water.

Provided below are popular hiking trails along with links to some of our friends who offer kayaking tours.

Hiking Trails

Alice Mountain Trail            4.9 miles           Difficulty: Hard

Bear Lake Trail                     4.3 miles            Difficulty: Easy

Bear Mountain Trail             3.5 miles           Difficulty: Hard

Caines Head Trail                14 miles              Difficulty: Hard

Exit Glacier Trail                   2.3 miles           Difficulty: Easy

Greyling Lake Trail               3.4 miles           Difficulty: Moderate

Harding Icefield Trail           8.2 miles           Difficulty: Moderate

Lost Lake Trail                     15.8 miles            Difficulty: Moderate

Mt. Marathon Trail               4.3 miles            Difficulty: Hard

Ptarmigan Lake Trail            6.8 miles            Difficulty: Moderate

Resurrection River Trail       8.7 miles            Difficulty: Moderate

Skyline Trail                            4.0 miles            Difficulty: Moderate       


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